Which timber best start carving?

I'd really like to carve something, purely to try out. Locate carved things namely always fascinating. Who here knows about it and can tell me, with what kind of wood is best start with it? And perhaps even what I should otherwise pay, which I as a beginner might not think straight?

The best answer

If you get you should basswood ( http://www.holzwurm-page.de/holzarten/holzart/linde.htm ) take, but you're welcome to take a the other hardwoods, but make sure that no branches or wood otherwise what kind ingrowths which makes it difficult to carve very.

Most begin first with a Stechbeil or if it will be very large objects with an ax / chainsaw. If you want to make very fine things, you will not be carving come to her to buy, because you should then quietly spend a little more, otherwise it's too fast Stupf and one has no joy in the hobby.

There are even some courses anbitten in the region are simply times "learn carving" in the search engine of your choice a. So a course can also be the first visit, as you know better then whether one really likes and what tools the times need to get started.

I personally find to carve hazelnut best :)

With basswood. This can be worked well

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