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I once again about my dog ​​... As I have already written Yes we are diligent in learning and he also stel doing pretty well at .. i enough to reward him that Weiss lob A, but I would even happy times give leckerli him A .. now to my problem .. unfortunately he is in relation eat really hard .. (he gets from us only dry food and home-cooked, or mal ne carrot but no canned food) Whatever treat I give him wants, he does not want it .. there is any leckerli the him Respectively each dog tastes 100%? may also list one to make yourself / bake his ... I am very pleased about suggestions :)

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Your dog is smart, he disdained but all this unhealthy stuff.

You do not need Fresskram a dog reward. Praise goes over voice and body language of the people. To support his or underline particularly good / correct behavior, even a particular toy or Bringsel would suffice.

I take in young dogs or dogs in training something here:


The Schäferhunde- or Agility people prefer balls - many dogs are then but veritable Balljunkys. Must love. Just as you may need to run than changing feed bag around.


my bitch spurned treats. Why, I do not know, maybe because I basically offering no treats.

If my dog ​​is rewarded, then they will be rewarded by praise and affection, then cuddled until the "rip loose".



Tastes differ in dogs, as in humans also.

There is thus no Leckerlie what 100% each dog tastes.

We feed as Leckerlie Platinum dried fodder, but never much and otherwise there is never otherwise dry food because it is not healthy for a dog as a complete feed and also far away from humanely. We Barfen our dog.

What many dogs love parched flesh. Is also very simple. Cutting meat / heart / liver or something into small pieces and put it at 100 ° C for 3 hours in the oven and let the door slightly open.

In general, I would certainly reconsider the feeding of your dog, for dried fodder may favor gastritis and stomach twists. Which Trofu feeding her?

My way has previously adopted out any treats. It was only when we moved the meals in the form of Dummytraining outside, it worked.

I give the tuna chicken treats from Pet. Are in a small bag to 1.99 No grains or sugar!

I usually make the treats yourself. Time with tuna, sometimes with salmon, sometimes with meat or cheese ...

Some recipes can be found here: http://www.tierfreund.de/hundekekse-selber-backen/

There are many good recipes and the quantities you so, whether more or less, adjust.

Salmon gatefold always, but one has then also always the fingers fully. cut liver very finely and place in oven to dry Goes well with chicken. Dry rewards are at work not ideal, because it gladly swallow the dogs, which can end badly.

Most dry foods are better for filling empty dustbins suitable because as a regular dog food ...

For healthy dogs no food is cooked!

Ordinary treat the dog determines your love might take, you can prepare yourself well and quickly cut beef or poultry into thin strips or small cubes and dry at low heat in the oven ...

I know of no dog refuses a tasty meat morsels as a reward.

I take in the purchase hall often something beautiful from the meat department with. mark bones of beef come best at in my. she has full fun doing the tasty filling to lick from the bone slices and then gnaw the bones. is also ne nice, expensive employment.

As dog a carrot as a treat because I'd also go on strike !!!

As treats but enough dry food. Think of it not make more difficult than it is.

Just try and buy a few varieties. Better and healthier it is, of course, this self-close)

beef or chicken meat cut into strefen and at least 2 hours at slightly geoeffenten oven be 90-100 degrees Darren ...

this is a dog leckerli that all like ..

Give it a whirl with products of "Your Best" (DM).

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