Which Xbox 360 Flash should I use?

Hello, I have my (as I have seen it on Xbox.com) are banned Xbox. It is screwed on and the drive is out and. Have ready sogesehen for everything flash the Xbox. Or. the drive. I can only the question of what Flash should I use? Have problems with the update. The end came a code C000-0001, these states as on the Xbox page described nice, my Xbox had been banned because a modified Xbox was "found". I console not flashed or otherwise performed any modification. Seal was quite, so it was not the owner. No idea why I got the Ban, but I have not previously thought of it that I would write to the support can, so you save "had time before the seal ruined've bla bla made" In addition, the support would always say that she not groundless Xbox'en Bannen, but a mod have discovered me and bla. Well, I will just perform a dashboard update, as would suffice but a drive-Flash? I've already tried to update via Xbox Life, USB did not work, just as it was always the last 7 / 8'tel hanging. So, it would be enough flash to make? If so, what should I use Flash? It would be best as I have to do something with exact instructions. Thank you :)

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