Which zoo is the best?

I'm working on a page for zoos. Would like to know is what the zoo from your point of view the best and why.

The best answer

The Monkey Mountain I know well and is really great. Also, I really think as Zoo Wilhelma beautiful. The enclosure there are very spread out and you can watch the animals for hours without feeling to have, you have to continue to ensure that the next can look. I also like the Animal Parks Berlin - the enclosure there are even larger and more.

Hi, I'm not really a lover of zoos because I usually find the enclosures too small. Especially for larger animals that actually need a lot of exercise. And by far the best I found so the Zoom Erlebniswelt in Gelsenkirchen. Since a lot of effort in designing the "vivarium" given to them was as realistic as possible to recreate the habitat of each species. Large enough I find it also (except the lions). On the island lemurs lemurs even run around freely and you can pet them when they arrive to look at obs what to feed there :) Hope I could help bissl. LG Mo

Although there is no zoo, but there are in a huge enclosure (Wald) free-running monkeys who you can also feed them. For the whole family a lot of fun.

The Monkey Mountain at Lake Constance

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