while relational write with other guys?

I have a friend since not so long time. but I still write with guys so with guys, which I already knew before we came along and with whom, I have written earlier with hearts and with whom I just write still, because I think it would be totally unfair if I now the contact terminating. sometimes I just write sometimes a heart back, but not really so often. my boyfriend finds it but not that and as I write them. he says, it shows fully that some of them what I want, but that's not true, I know it already longer than he knows them and besides, he also writes with girl, with whom he had written earlier and thus I have no problem, because I do not think they want something from him. so I do just that as only friendship between the two is.

Also, I have a further question: if I so so get to know through friends or so boys and write me, but know me i have a boyfriend, I can then registered with them, or does the stupid my friend opposite? I'm really happy with my boyfriend and wants other things also of what no one, for me that's just really just a friendly, but it can indeed be only friendship between girls and boys or not?

but I think my boyfriend it would find anything as great if I also write what I've re-learned.

I think you have already noticed that I in matters relationship not so much experience have (am 16 yrs old) and I will not hurt him but stop yet not to contact to cancel all guys, you know what I mean?

so my question, how do you think that on the subject in a relationship contact with other guys? I hope you can help me, thank you ever :-)

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Depends on how the "connection" to your friends is. In my relationship has gone off broken because my girlfriend thought frantically what I would want from my good friend ...

Actually can you answer your question and even, I write you sometime very obvious to:

"My friend wants to ban me friendships with other guys."

If you have a partner, you should actually best not change. One is met, because so like each other, how to be and (hopefully) not as one might be time.

That your friend is jealous when you send hearts to men with whom you are good friends, is in itself actually, well, you can see that he is worried about. But why to respond offended or to prohibit you is not okay. Even cell phone away, delete contacts or write mean things about your account from these guys is by no means in order.

Also you should not not necessarily block out new contacts because of your friend. You can learn all your life meeting new people and incurring new friends for life. If your friend would you prohibit something, he influenced so definitely your future life. To some extent, one does that as a couple, although (influence each other), but this should only be done in the good (you get to know other new things instead of one may never know other things).

I think it's definitely very reasonable of you that you can continue to work around your friend with his female friends - so it should be.

Your story does not sound dramatically (he is not just happy, but he did not attempt to ban you), therefore, needs may have nothing to change. If your friend but misbehaves, then you should talk to him a serious word.

I think in any case that you can continue to write with your chums. Maybe you could indeed stop writing with heart.

For me, confidence is the A & O in a Beziehung..Andererseits shows you his jealousy of course he what empfindet..trotzdessen for you I would NOT contact with the other guys break, since he also has contact girls! If he still does not understand that, then it alternates times but the ultimatum: if you must not then he must not (only a little childish)!

Oh God ... The same problem I've synonymous. I am also your mind and think you should not cancel or so the contact. Come meet your friend easily and make no more hearts out with something good like a all Birthday ︝ ...

This is no problem as long as it is only friendship :)

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