While shopping at the supermarket, etc. I want to know the dog well supplied. Box front loading?

I have an idea to put down one or 2 boxes before EKläden: with drinking water and good insulation, so that we can buy dog ​​owners in peace, without fear that our dog stolen or anxious wird- perhaps at a reasonable rate. Did either of you the know-how or even a store ????

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a shop we have, yes.

The idea in itself is not bad, but how can it go? With such a kind of locker for the dog?

preventing claw'd only go so, but we have never had a problem but some customers with dog. What is clear is that we, especially in the summer, offering for the dog water, so do not sell, it is just ready and who takes it, please.

Now I have no idea where you live, but it is because there really so bad the dogs disappear before loading? Who wants to go for a stroll longer, which should in any case leave the dog at home. Our at least has since not really feel like it, this is when we came home (he is now, unfortunately, not), the first in the Tachenkontrolle :)

It is best, you let the dog directly home when you go shopping, instead of the lock in any foreign box before loading.

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