White motor oil in the viewing window

Last weekend I'm on tour less gewesen.Im window my Suzuki (V-Strom 650) is the engine oil weiß.Auch in a long journey, it is only a little better it geworden.Gibt something that you can enter or tilt one has even a make oil change?

The best answer

There are no white engine oil.

That sounds like oil-water emulsion ner and the other two have already written is probably because what serious broken. That will be done not with NEM simple oil change.

Carry an oil change if the entire oil the veil ust probably the cylinder head gasket out. looking sometimes the cool water like the looks if that also has a veil.

Since I can only agree with the previous speaker :) you have water in the oil, probably the head gasket will be ... wenns very stupid is maybe a tear in the liner or the like ....

Your moped would also have white smoke, otherwise it sounds hard to by a defective cylinder head gasket.

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Tags: Motorcycle

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