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Hi, I have two days ago my wisdom teeth be removed, I may as quickly what solid food and my teeth and jaw burden? There currently I can take only soft or liquid food to me. Thanks in advance for quick reply. :)

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Normally at least in a few days. That depends how your body so get along. I could already after 2 days to eat again quite normal, only had to chew very carefully so nix come straight off. For my friend, it took four days.

So some eat the same day (if has eased the anesthesia) again burger and something ^^ hmm and the pine burden ... so'da where the teeth were bones there are indeed now holes but since forming back bone can ca but load take 3-4 months you can usually normal (when it just that allow pain if you do not have that;))

Once you feel better. That is, if you'll be able to open his mouth again, and no or little pain have. Then you can start again, normal things to eat. However, they should not be boiling hot and not too spicy. not to rinse your mouth so sit After dinner forget, no leftovers in the wound. Get well.

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