Who bears the blame for child labor in cocoa plantations?

Is there someone to blame? Or we are all involved?

The best answer

On the issue: Child labor exists not only in cocoa plantations but in the entire agriculture, in factories, but delicious chocolate is produced in mining etc. From cocoa. Obviously one reason for donation-collecting organizations and NGOs to defame the chocolate industry. One of many answers to the question should be read in the current SPIEGEL No.16: https: //magazin.spiegel.de/digital/ utm_source = spon & utm_campaign = inhaltsverz ...? Gern more about Rüdiger spark Infocentre chocolate in Leverkusen

All, which eat chocolate and not ensure that the cocoa comes from fair trade are guilty. Http: //www.maxhavelaar.ch/de/aktuell/newsroom/medienmitteilungen/300-tonnen-fair ...

The demand is enormous and cheap we want it, so WE are to blame. If it would be, however, easily operated by children, but indeed of people over 16, then the price would go up but we would have to pay for it in the end yes anyway. The big companies are indeed most reputable companies that have only Money in the eyes easily.

the consumer !

Since this is less and less willing to pay a reasonable price.

See also: Textile, Specialty Food .....

The buying cheap cocoa.

Well if you want cheap Kako, there is nunmal losers. Sounds harsh and unfair, it is also.

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