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My dog ​​is 9 years old and is the Border Collie Breed Mongrel but I have only problems with it he constantly biting the hind paws on I have been in so many veterinarians and in various animal hospitals but none can say what it is, it may at maybe the breed lie I tried with extra dog shampoo every day the paw to wash him was ever tartar away he gets special dog food I give him every 2 days a dog bone I cream paws be and boring it can not even him daily when I come home from school I go mostly 1-2 hours with him out and let him running I might have an idea what it could be or can not give it to me a couple tips that I could still make I do not want my dog ​​so quickly ad Lg jenny

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Yes this is due to the race if you want to put it that way, I would call it more of a lack of employment and lack of knowledge of dogs. Border Collies are the smartest dogs out there, they need a lot of mental and physical activity. run 1-2 hours and the race is for as a dog just the warm-up. Such behavioral problems often arise when they are busy insufficient in Border Collies.

This is to clarify remotely diagnose hardly, you count it myself already most causes of that could come into question:

  1. Food intolerance, allergies
  2. Grass mite infestation
  3. behavioral disorders

If his blood count is okay and Hormonal problems etc are absolutely auscgeschlossen (comes daruf to what has been tested in the animal hospitals) I would still take special feed (which one?) Times will try to Barfen and confine myself to one type of meat, such as horse. Feed changeovers but you have maintained long to be seen whether it brings what.

If the problem is Verhaltesnbedingt does not mean necessarily that it's too boring to the dog, also turned over and fehfixierte dogs tend to self-destruct.

I would schaeun whether there is a holistic veterinarian working near you who can assess the whole picture instead of many different to rattle repeatedly make the same tests.

Perhaps the ointment tastes like sausage? Just take a bitter.

This can be stressful. 1-2 hours are not enough for a Border. If he gets else other employment?

He may also use your nose? Sniffer Games, track work etc?

What a "specialty food" is that? Many "special food" I know, are not as great as you think the dog owner wants to do. Often there is a lot of grain or other additives in it that do not tolerate a lot of dogs.

a border collie is not busy with 1-2 hours gassi go!

needs a lot more beschaefitung, nose work and so on. .. Please let and caused the wash the paws -du destroy thus additionally the skin protection!

Please check also the fodder to -very many dog ​​food places consist most part from getreide9ceralein) which leads very often to hautunvertraeglichkeiten!

May be carried under / over lenge a behavioral disorder.

Then it may be due to food. Most dietary feed is often crap. The best would BAEF because you know exactly what's inside.

In television was once a dog who had always aufgebisseb the bales, the reason was that was there occurred a stye and was not seen.

oh jenny course you say that these symptoms are only but recently occurred are the true but garnicht-- you have a border collie, this is a dog hats - you surely know what the bedeutet-- de r dog must WORK dürfen-- but could probably not a lifetime, and now he is nervous at the end with his. He injured himself from grief, for he allowed his dispositional not nachkommen-- the hüten-- even if it is actually no longer would work with 9 years, but HE WAS there, too long not live.

you are in the morning in the school, which is dog for hours - I guess 5-8 hours alone zuhause-- alone DAS is for EVERY dog a unding-- and then you think that he actual utilization go with 2 hours Gassie - ?? a border is not busy with 4 hours, even with 9 years.

are you as a child alllein responsible for him? there are still parents who care ?? I think already - the dog needed employment he has his head effort ,, he should get brain teasers.

listen absolutely to wash with hundeschampoo even lotion that let time be, he licks it off but eh, making it therefore still worse again. also he will not let it be, it is a behavioral treatment that he only leaves when it is busy enough differently ..

you need a good connoisseur of this race who offers you options as you could your dog utilize sensible.

Hello Jenny,

your dog has boredom and stress !!!

What to bring to wash the dog's paws with shampoo because the ??? Leave it please be now! Tartar is the dog away when necessary ... Probably your dog would not calculus problem if you would feed him decently and humanely. Lies thee times clever regarding raw feeding = BARF - it's your dog better very quickly - I would not at all know what kind the special dog food is ... Royal Canin ... something that ...

Every 2 days a bone ??? What's that about??? Do you think those are disgusting chewing bones made of the waste and sold expensive?

Ordinary meat bones cause at least what ...

A Border Collie need every day mental and physical capacity - since a 2-hour walk is barely enough ...

I will not give up easily my dog

wrong: your dog has already given up !!!

A Border Collie is not one just of children !!! Your parents are because clever to take care of the dog rather the responsibility

Then he has ne Macke. Tape the paw some games. What the vets have said.

Hey Jenny,

So your dog you need not long ad.

Whether it is on the race, I can not tell you. Stick around, whether it will be better, and if this is not the case, then go again to a veterinarian, and describe him again your problem.

All the best :)

lg endlesshope1

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