who gets education entitle everything except my still determine about me?

who may entitle education except my determine about me?

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Basically anyone can determine regions over you.

For example, retailers can determine which jump candies in candy shelf you the first image one by placing them accordingly.

Depends in what ways. If you are in school, of course, a teacher may determine conditionally upon you, however, may not say that you are allowed or so after school ner girlfriend.

Then of course the state / the law has a certain "power" over you ...

If you say precisely what it is we can help better;)

In what respects?

First, your parents are responsible as legal guardian instance for you and also about you and "determine" your concerns to.

Teachers determine about yourself, the state anyway. Everything the Youth Protection Act contains may be carried out and respected by everyone towards you.

WHEN you take it exactly: the state. For the sets, for example, found that you have to school, must not in movies, buy alcohol only from a certain age may. These laws can not overturn the parents by their permission.

In some ways the teachers. - At least if you want to stay out of trouble.

In doing things everyone who receives an education commission from your parents.

The person who has been made responsible for the moment. This may for example be your teacher. In school you have to trails - but you hit him on the wedding your aunt (do not laugh, that happened to me once: D), he has nothing to tell you, but "may" you simply ask for something. And then people like police, judges. If you live up in the house of your friend, the resident of the house, the seller may determine upon thee, in the supermarket, ... yet there thousands of examples.


Until the age of majority can only have custody persons "determined upon thee".

determine about you just must you. But there are areas in life that determine your guardian until your 18th birthday.

There are also many adults in the life of a child / young person, can make the specifications and intended and for which it is advisable to perform this well. These mainly include teachers, coaches in the team or holiday leisure, life partners of parents, people assume your care if your parents are not there, ....

It depends! If you live together with your father and his new wife, they may in the ordinary affairs of everyday life determine about you! For example of you demand that you attract in the flat slippers! Or your vollgew. Pajama pants and vollgek. Panties even wash !!

According to your comment is about the friend of your father.

This is a difficult situation, because legally they can not determine upon thee.

But you do well to listen to them. Otherwise you stand so between your father and you, and such a situation is for your father certainly not easy. If you gutstellst you with this woman, you'll have easier with your father.

The law may determine upon thee.

nobody else!

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