Who has experience with the adoption of a dog from Spain?

on my last question towards the seriousness of a breeder, I would like to get rid of yet another question. And although I have also informed me whether there Dachshund awaiting adoption. And I was also able to find. However, I am not entirely clear what difficulties I engage and especially what impact can have the mediterranean diseases ... Did someone experience? Would you advise me or do you think it is better a makeshift dog the chance to give than to bring one of a breed? Thanks ever

Link to the dog: http://www.casa-animalis.de/cms/front_content.php?idcat=65&idart=1653

The best answer

Hello Drhund,

look you nevertheless times this page to: www dachshund-in-not de

and you can find at www hounds in not de grateful Dachshund snouts

directly see and the DTK times please ...

And you can most animal shelters in Germany send inquiries and ask for a dachshund ... Believe me: you get answers, half of our Dachshund comes from such emergency switches ...

But you have to look very closely ...

All the best

Trip to Spain and look at the dog personally.

I find it unnsig to haul animals from overseas to Germany if at us enough local dogs also need help.

I'd never buy a dog when I have not previously Geshen him. Do not search my man indeed in the catalog and show a finger on it and say, I want to! I look at my FUTURE significant other but precisely.

Thus, one should proceed with a dog, most described on pages are more than just fined. The dogs are all super sweet and housebroken etc. Then you have him at home, and the dog is a total wreck, traumatized, sick etc.

I had the case in the dog school, the dog has been lovingly describe as totally child friendly. He was praised to the skies. He arrived and was a fear biter, most of which was any fear. Children he could not ausstehn the dead. The family has plowed in the dog school, but they simply did not have time to train a "problem" dog. Therefore, he was transferred.

For me, the dogs to Germany has tow nothing to do with animal welfare. It solves the problem simply does not. If I had a second-hand dog earn then only from a German animal shelter. I have a street dog no flight / car driving hassle to him schlppen by German Lang where mind many dogs are totally overwhelmed.

the user "amigao" has given you a good hint.

an organization that a list dog / dackelmix as dachshund -can serving not be particularly serioes.

However, I also have a Spanish exstrassenhund - but was mediated in kooperatioen with a German animal shelter ... the German-Spanish organization was called "alba madrid"

just for hundeanfaenger is the mediation of a dog freiheotlibenden not easy! you have to be extra vigilant and have a lot of patience ....

power is a staff dachshund mix, that's you aware? you'll hie r in Germany for such mix control increased pay should federal states in alen except in Lower Saxony -

prinzipielel is no objection to adoption from abroad, just - we still have plenty of German dog sitting in mystery why dannicht one of denen-- you look seemingly only in internet-- have you ever been in the animal's homes locally when you ? or in cologne, which are always overstaffed.

I would look only times for domestic animals.

We've even abundant animal shelters with poor abandoned souls.

Are the shelters in Germany empty?

Here it also has animal shelters

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