Who has experience with the professional interior decorators / in or who IS Interior / in?

Hiya :) I have a few questions about the professional interior decorators / in. I am interested in the profession (never did an internship there) but am somehow a little unsure why these questions.

  1. What one should be able or like if you want to be interior decorators / in?
  2. Can you live well on the content when you are done with the training?
  3. Did they emulate a lot of clients or rather less?

Would be great if you could help me :) only serious answers Thanks :)

The best answer

http: //berufenet.arbeitsagentur.de/berufe/berufId.do _pgnt_act = goToAnyPage & _...

See a here by and please also all sub-points, then you will know more.

And one more question: in the professional tattoos or piercings are bad? So not the entire face overcrowded or the body but just normal :)

Look at Berufenet

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