Who has what is an idea with kinox.to going on?

Hello Hello!

Has anyone any idea what kinox.to going on? When I enter the address is "site unavailable / Server Not Found". maybe Can anyone help me or is the page simply dead (yesterday went even not)?

AND: Yes, I know that the page is not completely legal, but that's the easiest way. I'm sick and lie all day at home. Therefore, I can not fast times to buy a DVD or borrow and Amazon delivers unfortunately not within 10 minutes to me :)

The best answer

http: //www.bild.de/news/inland/softwarepiraterie/mit-diesen-fotos-fahndet-die-po ...

Here is a report on kinox.to and escape the operator, hence the site was closed.

Incidentally, you can quite legally on amazon movies and series down load and watch - since the delivery time takes not even 10 Minutern - costs however money. And at amazon Prime You can put yourself also sign up and see as much as you like - who have not only the very latest stuff. The application also does not take long; o) Only times as a legal tip ...

It is believed that the site already are a long time in hand the prosecution is (just like Bookers) and they were continuing a run time as (honeypot) to come from user data. So it has been the last major investigation down for illegal use ....

made sealing. Apart from the fact that the site is illegal: Why do not you take any other legal streaming site? Amazon Prime example

As far as I know the page was (correctly) away from the net,

Kinox.to is dead New is kino24.sm or SN-looking even more closely

The page is not down. In addition, 3 alternatively asked Jinks for disposal, it should be taken once ddown.

The operators of these illegal side are once again in prison or on the run.

was illegal and now she's gone. One probably visit it yet but at a new address

If the boss is not arrested?

Kinox goes ürbigens with me!

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