Who knows Argelès-sur-Mer and Argelès Plage in the South of France?

Hello, from a friend I got a holiday recommendation for Argelès-sur-Mer and Argelès Plage in South France. Who knows the place and can tell me something about it?

We will travel by car as a family, 2 adults. And 2 teenagers, planned period is in July. Holiday activities are Beaching one hand and Sport Activity (z. B. hiking, horseback riding, jogging, golfing, mountain biking, water skiing and motor) on the other. Preferred accommodation is a holiday home / holiday apartment, esp. In a holiday village.

For your experience, I would be grateful.

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A very average in my opinion, somewhat boring resort, located in the plane. The beach is beautiful. One advantage the situation: for example, the landscape is much more varied the same towards the neighboring Spanish border.

Please schedule a trip to Collioure.

Greeting earnest,

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