who must now pay dog ​​tax?

The following case:

Me and my friend have 6 dogs. Two of these puppies, I have also logged properly before short. Previously I had two dogs registered, so now I've logged a total of four dogs, what I pay taxes.

My friend has for years signed two dogs.

We are drawn together last year, even with the dogs. My friend has even a house a place, where he is also reported, but it is usual with me and the two dogs.

How is that now the control ??

I am holder of four dogs, he. Two Do we have to sign all the dogs together, or not?

Although we live together, but both are reported at different residences.

Thanks in advance.

The best answer

In our municipality applies: dogs per household.

But that is in every community differently.

I would call just check out your church, how this is handled there. If your friend is reported elsewhere and there paid the dog license, I can imagine that this is so okay, since he, as you write, only "mostly" with you, and may therefore be a still occasionally staying at his "official" residence ,

If your friend has its own signaling address and you well, then everyone can own dog sign where it is reported. So he 2 dogs, you have 4 dogs.

Whether your friend is very often staying with you or not - it does not matter.

It is different for example in communities (plus there is now also court judgments): there can not be any partners rely on an "own" dog - since the total number of dogs counted in a household. Unfortunately, because so often you pay a lot more to "penalty tax".

Good succeed


Actually, each dog must be insured because imagine are dog control I before your dog leuft across the street and a car drive alone in a house we now do not want to go from bad from but who wants you to pay for it would rather 150 paid in the year as 10/20 thousand


If you both mainly living in your place, then pay even there dog tax. otherwise ask the regulatory office to stress from going away.


Rein reporting law is that even incorrect what you're doing. if it mainly or mostly resides with you or because even lives her, this includes registered as a primary residence or as a second home. And then where will stay the dogs hauptsächlih paid there dog tax.

So life partnership it would count as one household and then müsstet also pay together for 6 dogs!

If the dogs are registered in the town's all good. And that will be the case at the residence of each dog owner. So do you not have to worry!

with us is the per household.

Each private dog owners must per dog control zahlen.Egal where you live.

Everyone logs on his dogs, the A 4, the other. 2

There charged where everyone is reported of you.

Formal legal ye there to report your principal residence if ye mainly aufhaltet.

Thus, you ought to you login every 8 diort where uihr lives and pay even there dog tax.

That is the legal position. What it actually does is your thing

you pay there dog tax where his reported her!

Is it more complicated?

But anyway, all dogs must be logged in!

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