Who yesterday saw the meteorite?

Yesterday at 20:00 I went on a bridge by bicycle.

By coincidence my chain hands remained so I had to stop.

And suddenly I see there fly by a fireball.

It went so fast that I hardly had time to take it: D

But still it was spectacular :)

Who has even seen?

It is supposed to have been large nu Faust and be flown 180,000 hours kilometer over.


The best answer

Yes then let's hope that we are left with a larger object! Most come bigger namely after and then it says Bye Earth !!!

I have not seen him, let heard since. In what country do you live? However, I have heard from people that they had heard him Sincerely broccoli :)

The have probably seen some when one sees the questions here.

Stop is the question whether the fact remains, or had some other companions are traveling.

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