Why am I next to him so shy?

Hey .. I am looking rin young and every time he talks to me then I will not say anything other than "yes", "ok" and so .. For fear something wrong to say, I never know what to talk .. And that makes me betimmt uninteresting or? What can I do that I am no longer so shy? :-(

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The reason is that you're talking about rare with him. So I'm a boy and the problem I have sometimes with girls, and I'm certainly not the only one. In the beginning it is always difficult to talk openly with a person without after each question as: "What do you listen to music" to take a break to think out a new one. But if this phase is not over until a time and ye entertain often, you always fall a new conversation topics, because ye then better get to know and know how the other reacts to an answer or a question.

I hope I could help.


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