Why are all on him and no one on me?

Hello! My best friend and I are both 17. We are still in school, same class. I like him really like and do not begrudge him luck, but I'm totally frustrated because every girl is only interested in him ... He does not look ugly, but he is also not mega hot. He is 185, very slim but wide shoulders, has dark brown hair, dark skin tone and blue eyes. Sounds only times good, but he's got a pretty snub nose for which he was even brought up earlier (looks like surgery at Hollywood Stars, very feminine and small) and he squints. Not with both eyes but the one is just more and more in the middle, "silberblick" halt. He is otherwise quite "gentle", rather quiet and indeed almost cute. I am against 188 train - have also n sixpack, dark complexion, black hair and brown eyes. With me everything else is ok, not squint, have ne normal men nose, so to speak, etc. and am working not as petite as he. Character Like most also all say I was funny, am generally also popular, more buddies etc ... He actually comes across only because I know the people ... Do not get me wrong, I like real him, but .. . Every time I find n lass interesting or anflirte ends up, even though he does nothing that she asks after him. I'm really jealous and do not know how to tell him or whether I should address the ever .. He begins the way nix with the girls at the I like, he must not ... Has enough choice :( what you girls because now important?

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Can answer no. Many girls find it just simply likeable, the vulture knows why. The can indeed help it. But there are certainly girls who are on your type. Maybe not as many and probably. are not as open, or shy. You can indeed times with girls who you do not want, but to inquire after him talk about why they find it good. I think that will give you more insight than my bubbling. : D

Alone because you compulsively error looking at him and look at you as error-free makes you unsympathetic, a small nose is not a bad thing, and not ogle that you get further away. Your good friend is much more interesting because it is quiet and not cocky

So I think there is every boy something alluring. And how much it attracts one and how much will depend on what it is and what a girl is. I can imagine the poor (as thou hast described thyself) yourself you can not find a girl pretty or hot. But maybe you're too shy? Then it may be that you will considered for it only as a "good friend" Personally, I see myself with guys well and am including nice that nice to me Eighth are times it when the behavior changes with the girls whether they at the very beginning no interest or show only in the course of the conversation ... you have to find out for yourself what you "doing wrong" Hope I could you help Lg)

So is important to me that a boy so bkleint like him and does not make an on jealous external, internal, it is always a bit .. But you must in no case so try grabs the limelight zubgehen since then notice that you are looking for attention , Good luck ! Hopefully klappts a)

Well, you may indeed "good" look, but that's just not everything. What makes a great body when the upper story no light? Your buddy appears to have a certain charisma, enthusiastic women. He is not perfect, but maybe it makes it just for women so interesting.

Alsoo, Maybe you radiate that out unconsciously, a small bsp: sooner everyone was on my girlfriend though I "better" looked, I never habs understood was frustrated teilweisw, I then noticed that one radiates unconsciously, you're not even aware of otherwise würdeat you do not think so, will go and confident, and do not look what happens when your pals. Stop asking for you all the time "how he, and I do not"

Meet some games with girls who do not know him! And maybe you're also very trained? Furthermore, you have to be sweet, and if you like a girl does not immediately give up hope! But actually, as you describe yourself you're actually full sweet

Ever heard of inner values? The recent girls seem to be simply fascinated by its kind. But no fear. Your girl will come.

There are determined the girl you better find one probably you have only the wrong addressed have other claims :)

I'll take you like to give number)

No idea you go Just on girls and ask for the number. And then take it just does not always then it will come. Go with another friend. Greeting, Soeber

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