Why are all super luxury homes sold and occupied only 2-3 weeks a year?

Hello, I made the observation that many real estate the price range from 5 million upwards throughout the year are unoccupied or vacant.

I know through my immediate neighborhood and through contact with "wealthy".

However, these wealthy are not so rich that they themselves have Immobilion for about 5 million, but also live in their settlements.

We're talking about thousands to properties of the superclass, which as already stated used only for special occasions like Christmas, but are the rest of the year yet.

Do these people do not trust your bank and buy property so all gone, or what is it?

The best answer

I think when you have so 300 million + x, you buy from position while sometimes a great villa, 20 or 30,000 costs € maintenance per year. Why sell? Power but only work veileicht, uses they were yet time for Christmas or so or so you can say you have a villa in xy. Something like it will look.

You should observe the history of the past 100 years view, real estate, gold remained always get! Paper money was lost when the States went bankrupt. Therefore, look at the national debt in Europe.

Although properties are often a good investment, but to have to buy a villa and this empty stand forever makes economic sense hardly.

I do not think that so true.

Of course there are people who have so much money that they buy 3-4 properties and use them alternately or just for holidays.

(Best example: the Geissens) The buy also all houses but are anscheind only on trips: p so that's just where and I think if they have no confidence in the banks just buy gold

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