Why are cars made of steel?

The question interests me times on the Internet, I find, unfortunately, nothing maybe I can have someone here to help you would be nice.

The best answer

Are they still do not. At least not completely.

But what is of steel has some reasons. was steel and construction material No.1 in terms of all metal work. It is cheap, stable, sound and good formability and the whole processes have refined ever since decades for steel. Ergo, there is simply a lot of know-how how to steel processed and it has relatively good properties.

However, there are also more and more light metals and plastics are establishing themselves steadily in the automotive industry. Those who even partly better own sheep tablets than steel at much lighter weight. Yet steel still has many years of dominance.

is built basically to save already, but by weight aluminum. In extreme cases (supercar) also carbon is installed

Steel is cheap, durable and available in large quantities.

Would you rather go with a plastic bowl through the area?

Because steel is stable, inexpensive and easy to obtain.

From steel? Not true - the Trabant is mostly made of hard cardboard. Why has the name away Rennpappe

If they were made of cardboard, you'd get your feet wet in the rain ...

because steel is cheaper than other materials

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