Why are the old children's series "broken" made?

Good evening everyone.

I have just been informed that everything on TV comes the next few weeks, and seen that it will soon come to ZDF Heidi in 3D animation !!!! So as the new Bee Mom and Vicky. Why are the re-made? The old versions are so much nicer!


The best answer

TV goes eh basis. Can hardly even turn. Everywhere only so things run as "suspected cases", etc.

Because nowadays only exaggerates "child welfare"

The series of today are either too soft or just meaningless. Hey Arnold; Disney's Recess etc. were series from which one has really learned what

Modernization mania.

No one has the idea, ready to build the Acropolis and to coat in fashionable shades .....

Because people change in the course of years. And besides, the children nowadays are no longer like the earlier of. Sitting before almost all unfortunately nnoch front of the TV, etc. I think it's total nonsense, it is what today produce the television. The films and series of earlier are better.

Because it is easier and cheaper the films is to animate the drawing.

Unfortunately, there are always idiots who manage to get into positions where they can demonize these beautiful old series as "children unfit" and settle.

What ever works well, will sooner or later re-warmed. Sad but true...

Because all scream for animations. I once read that the minors black and white films to avoid, would be much too old .. Then ask who was John Wayne.

Knowing in all areas where you could make money. This series works the way also great with PC games, be unto death "milked" to get every last money out of this franchise. Really sad..

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