Why are those who are dishonest and act, always better !?

Hello :) I would not complain or now so, but I noticed that somehow always the people with the biggest mouth, those who are most dishonest and those who can best act, are those that the "cup" of carry.

Actually, the life seems to be just a game, in the attempts to everyone so dishonest as possible, gravy train just about all profits.

It is not about the best results, but about who represents its fastest results as "the best".

It is increasingly about the form, as to what was really done. The little quieter speaking hears not to, even if in the "pear" than those who always think they have to be the loudest perhaps more?

Why is this basic trend? Why there seems so little people who appreciate honesty?

Thanks for helpful answers!

The best answer

Life is not about to take a cup of it, but to live by its values ​​and ideals.

Softly speaking hears not because they are not self-confident, not because you do not value their intelligence.

If you want to hear the people on one hand, one has to be perceived as an authority figure.

Even the then German frontman Ulrich Wickert in 2005 wrote a book "The Honest is the stupid one." About the loss of values.

Could it be because that the people are doing too well, that they have no real-life counterparts more that it comes to have more and to want to consume, that there is envy and greed as human character traits that the media often report these people and honest people are worth no message that society as a whole drifted into individualism / selfishness? The honest and genuine people remaining are still the vast majority. As they go under in the national sport mouth, cheating, dishonesty, of which the media are full.

Hm, I do not know of too good. One is the actual victim but some build it to and also come as a 'victim' of it. Man nunmal believes the majority not the truth ..: /

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