Why bark and howl the dogs when I go over?

Good Morning,

Every morning when I go to work I pass a plot which is walled. On one side is a fence. There races immediately out when they see the two dogs myself and only begin to bark, after some time they whine and like a siren? It sounds like a cry for help .. Why?

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These dogs defend with their barking and the Loss towers at the fence their territory, and speak for themselves ... the subsequent yowling indicates extreme agitation.

The dogs are completely cleared underemployed, and make their own way * air *

One can only hope that the animals are kept escape proof.

Barking dogs at property lines show territorial behavior. So it's YOUR area and they make sure that every intruder is warned that is fought if necessary to the territory.

The whine I can not interpret, however. Maybe a winning gesture meaning "yes, withdrawing only line you!"

The dogs "Report" or one says "they strike" ... It seems as if the their "job".

Can it perhaps be that they present themselves every passerby walking on their land along the fence so?

As long as you are not threatened by the dogs, that's ok ... - although I not want to be the direct neighbor, for permanent termination of dogs can be a pain ...

they seem to have nothing better to do, which means that is obviously their only job and they make thoroughly.

The to beat. The dogs make up when someone walks by. Some dogs also whine here.

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