Why Batman and Superman fight each other?

Tachjen! Hab ne quick question for the film Batman v Superman. Unfortunately I have no idea of ​​the whole comic, etc, so I do not quite understand WHY Batman and Superman fighting each other since both but eigtl heroes and no evil of the two? ! And in the new trailer can be seen a place where a high-rise is apparently simple cut in the middle and I noticed to the first Superman with his laser eyes a but why would he do that? I hope you can answer my question: D :)

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Now that is not as explained in 2 sets.

Batman is in Gotham, where he comes from, and operates, considered by police as someone of "vigilante justice" exercises and is maybe not always welcome - but helps the city do with his crime to combat. The same applies in principle for Superman in Metropolis, only added to him that everyone knows that he is an alien with unimaginable powers. Mankind is afraid this just a little though Superman is committed also to the good.

In the fight against General Zod, also focusing on an alien from Krypton, Superman had for the first time publicly to show his strength and also equal to the extreme where almost half Metropolis was reduced to ashes, which, after the trailer now, and Batman (Bruce Wayne ) had heard seemingly.

Around the world now faces a "God" (as just Superman see with all his strength) to save, which can destroy everything that gets in his way, decides to Batman, with all his art to fight this.

Moreover indeed still play Superman's nemesis Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman and Aquaman and Flash probably with the film partially crucial roles.

At least I am very excited about the film ...;)

(Oh, that Superman was the high-rise building with his "heat vision";))

Batman Superman dares to start just not. Superman has indeed preserved the earth before the takeover of Kryptonian and therefore saved many lives, but he also has immense damage done (If you see yes in Man of Steel) The strength of Superman is large enough to destroy the entire earth, and also, could Superman sometime suddenly the same plan with the earth who had already General Zod, Superman eventually is indeed a Kryptonian. Therefore Batman Superman prompted to leave earth. After all, the threat of remaining Kryptonian's banned and there is no other reason that Superman remains on Earth. So it comes to the short conflict between the two fighters. But this conflict is over after a short time. Later, the two close namely peace and be friends. The trailer is to let the people think that the film consists only of the fight between the two. So it will not be. I read the books since I was 8 and I have also heard what have been scheduled for movies. The Justice League eg This is namely the formation of superheroes a superhero alone can not fight, the generated if there is a threat. The troupe consists of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Cyborg. There are also a few additional fighters are not all too often, however, are doing. Arrow example or Plasticman. In some books even Deathstroke is. He has in some storylines changed sides, as Bane or Harley Quinn from and just belong to times to the good. So roughly fight Superman and Batman just because one wants to stay on Earth and the other is in turn does not want him to stay. I am looking forward to the movie. Finally seen Bats and Supes in one and the same film together :-))

The scene in the trailer was a retrospective of "Man of Steel" where Superman fights against General Salt. Batman was at that time already, so to speak, one and Batman feels that not as good what Superman does.

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