Why can not I build muscles more as what it is lazy

Last summer I very aggressive sports driven per day about 6 hours and for 6 weeks I have only done because my doctor said if you nehmst sports are you doing about it you can see the result, I have little more power as before but I have not increased in front summer 179 cm 55 kg Chatting after summer 180 cm 55 kg I was very disappointed as I stood on the scales and saw that I really have not increased at the doctor I was he just said that I had a slight iron deficiency but have what do you think is the am a boy and 16 years old

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When one reads of overtraining, you quickly realize that there are very divided opinions. Some believe such a thing as overtraining would be impossible, just my imagination, or pure laziness! But the fact is, for a naturalen strength athletes or bodybuilders, this is definitely possible. How fast and how hard you get into this state, it is as individual as the response of the body to set him stimuli during construction. One is based on easily and faster, the other more difficult and slower. It's the same with overtraining. For years I have three to four times per week training 90-120 minutes and steadily ever constructed here from workout to workout, despite very intensive and hard units. Other the mitbekamen how long and hard I train, think in this way I would have been quickly fall overtraining, but as I very many calories took to me, and maintain this training way for a long time, my body was well with the high load cope ! Then I had professionally requires a year with the training very resign, I trained hard and irregular! I built from very strong! When I then had plenty of time, I wanted my old form as soon as possible. Since I had the time, I was training again as intense as it was then, after a few months I screwed because I now had the time, the training high on 6-7 days a week! After 14 days I had to stop and pause for two weeks. My body suddenly developed not only a resistance to any muscle stimulation (I did not get sore muscles and not built on), I even began to break down, became weaker, despite daily 8-10 hours of sleep was constantly tired, had extreme vertigo, inexplicably took fat to and just wanted to sleep! I was in absolute overtraining !!!! This stage was the culmination of a flowing process who went unnoticed initially exposing structure and then gradually got worse! Therefore, I advise anyone who suddenly no longer builds up listless, tired or listless than usual feels urgent to start a break of 1-2 weeks! Either, you get used to your plan / charms, weights, exercises, or you're on the way to Übertrainibg! Place a one-week break, change in the time your plan and exercises and put then again today With corresponding surplus, then you build the customary speed and good again! Overtraining is underestimated and belittled, but who had time, know that it is definitely existent as naturaler Kraftsportler !!!!

For one, it brings to train nix 6 hours you will also be able to train intensively barely 6 hours. Rather, it need a hard intense strength training with multi-joint movements to 3-4 days a week. This then takes about 60 minutes.

Besides, it need a calorie surplus for muscle building. If does not increase your weight, then you have none, ergo feed more.

Do you train in the studio, or Homegym with own body weight or what you have options?

First, it is a mistake every day so much and so long to train. for one gets the muscle through the workout the charms and grows in the regeneration. You should each muscle group so enjoy a day off. on the other hand makes the muscle after a time. Weight training should last more by 1 hour. the muscle makes it otherwise, and the other workout is counterproductive. The most important point is the diet. the diet accounts for 70% and 30% workout. a calorie surplus and enough albumen is important

Maybe you should take more protein to you, that I know helps build muscles

This type of training is much too Krass for a 16 year old student. This should be even if you are completely Ausgewachsen only do if you're in very good bodily constitution. In addition, the weight of 55 kg is far too low for a 180 cm large 16 year old boy. I would even say that you are malnourished. Let yourself trying out thoroughly check by the doctor. May be that you have a metabolic disorder, such as hyperthyroidism yes. If that is not the case you have to eat only once more. And so crowds building because there where nothing can arise nothing. Pay attention to what you eat. No "inferior" products. Since you have already mentioned that you possibly lack of nutrients I would recommend your diet BASIC re planning or even say take dietary supplements Supplements.

I hope I could you reasonably Helfen.Trotzdem fun continues during training. Greetings, FitnessLover2

how much calories do you eat a day? sport at 6h / day you would have at least 4000 calories eating. are also so-calorie drinks.

As you take the best steroids because you're taking to quickly :)

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