Why can not I talk about my headphones?

I have the following problem: I installed TS3 aufm laptop. On mobile it would cost what yes. If I jetz my HTC headset from the phone I can lapel on a laptop while listening but not talking about it. That means I can only talk about the laptop and the sounds then to so incomprehensible that it all sucks. I do not know what I can do. I can not connect Andren. Skype is works so well ... then why not there?

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Probably teamspeak recognizes it only as headphone .. you have it adjusted in the settings as a Micro?

Headphones are as the name suggests, the handset. There are also headphones with microphone. However, the microphone must then be connected to another socket.

I think you have with your mouth get closer to the laptop internal Micro. With Skype continuous transmission is always enabled, at Ts not. So try using the TeamSpeak - Settings to go in and to make continuous transmission.

This is simply due to the lousy microphone of small mobile phone headsets. Since you will also be able to configure anything, you need a proper headset for to cheer TS to bemutzen lappi reasonable.


If Skype does it work? Wonder, after all, your laptop usually has no audio input / output as it have cell phones in a terminal.

In a laptop you typically have a headphone jack and a microphone input.

Just as you try that will not work.

you have specified in TS the right microphone source?

I doubt that your mic works in the listeners in the laptop, but if it works in Skype, it must also go iwi in TS.

LG Lesec11

Headphones are ... As the name suggests, to listen there. What is a headset need. Alternatively, a micro to headphones.

As micro itself offers it 6 € Discount zalman mic1. Headset comes to your buget.

Lg Niklas

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