Why consumed Instagram much Internet data volume?

Have my limit set at 100 Mb to assess at about how many minutes I reach this limit and I have a data volume of 2 Gb and I noticed about 15 minutes when I have on Instagram and something rumscroll and still photos, is there the limit already reached. Although I look very many images on Facebook and it takes 3 times as long, where is the difference? Why consumed Insta so much?

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The loading of pictures consumes a lot of data. This applies to any website or app based on photos. Invite you a video on your mobile internet, the consumption is even higher.

Thereby, the number of images to be loaded is your data volume consumed naturally faster.

It depends solely on the "size" (amount of data) of the transmitted images. Some images "have" 0.3 MB, others 10 MB.

Well Instagram is a social network for photos! And photos to load consumes content data volume much

This is the so many images must aicj extremely many MB are loaded so you can see the pictures ...

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