Why did she have to die? Why my dog ​​?!

Hello! My beloved dog died nearly 2 1/2 years ago. She was the dearest and most faithful dog in the world !!! I miss her so, although there is already a long time ago. I grew up with her and she was until that day at my side. She never even curved just someone a hair. And I was so incredibly stupid. I was 12 when she died, and before that it was during the day while my parents worked and I and my brother in the school were, in the kennel. She had a cottage there, always fresh water ... she was always good with us. But I have come home and have not taken out of the kennel, stupid as I was. That is what I regret most. She was so grateful and would be several times almost bled to death. Namely, they had problems with hips and could barely walk properly. She was operated on sometimes ear. And on 28.09.2012 wi had to put to sleep ... ivh was not going un mei. Parents said they should have been operated on ear again, she would have died in agony. And even with the op she could have died. That is why we have put to sleep. Why had to suffer so such a good pet ??? I realize that it was better for them and that it was so delivered from their suffering. I miss her so much! I would give anything to be with her again !!! Really everything! I would kill! Why I suffer only under it so that they had to die ...? Sometimes I was even at the Pubkt where I thought that life without them no sense has more ... I have no power more ...

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You know, so stupid that sounds, I think it was good for your dog, that he died. Think about how they might have to suffer otherwise. Also has every living being, if bird or human, leave this world once and who knows, probably because she is where they are now very good. Keep them in your memory, because experiences and memories are priceless. Remember, she had it nice with you

So every stupid it feels life is a give and take. I also had a dog that was euthanized. I share your grief. I'm really sorry, but remember now she's in a better place, where it has no more pain and it lives on in your heart.

as hard as it is, you have to let go and allowed to naturally on your example mourn. you have to make you realize that they have only suffered and would you still do not want them to suffer further.

Hab in "She was in the kennel and had always good with us it" already stopped reading. You'll get over it over it, probably was your dog anyway no longer fit properly, so it's probably better that way.

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