Why do banks mostly high school graduates and a few high school students?

Hi Why do banks mostly only high school graduates and barely Realschüler and if Realschüler very good? Can one be lucky if you even bekomm nowadays with NEM real school graduation regular apprenticeship as a banker?

Thank you Mfg

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Is among other things, a matter of supply and demand. Often banks do not have a choice of candidates. When they have a choice between Abiturient & Realschüler they opt mostly for the high school seniors.

Why? Better basic education. Linguistically better & more adept. Graduates are (theoretically) and act more mature, sensible and mature than high school students, as they are already somewhat older.

It now make a lot more than they used to Abi. In people with Abi but the opportunity is connected to the (also part-time) to complete and ascend in the Bank study. is danger is that this goodbye after graduation from the bank.

I would not look so negative. After high school can make Abi or Bankkfm and further training in the bank itself. There is a general slope to training and burnout.

A 1-College student is welcome for a bank as a 4.0-Abi.

My tip: Think about whether you still want to do Abi (Economic Gymi). If not, apply yourself on Bank-Kfm. not take you, do even so to Abi and then Apply now. That's all tradable ...

As the graduates come from school and thus have a better academic performance

College student is hardly what to use good more higher your training qualification the higher the chances :)

Because nowadays there are a lot of high school seniors.

However, banks have the time to find suitable apprentices difficulties. The profession is no longer so much in demand. The reputation sank rapidly. Therefore already resorted to high school students.

Because a high school graduate just had a better school education in high school.

Why probably? That's obvious

Yes you can. The halt have higher claims

In management positions, the Bank paid sometimes the Studim, also if you have a choice?

Because apply for high school graduates and they have a choice !? Stupid question.

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