Why do dog owners, very often, much like their dogs?

This question is really meant seriously. If that is never noticed, which should necessarily even pay attention. It is truly amazing.

The best answer

In addition I have last read in a psychological journal an article. This is a phenomenon that occurs because we always want to see in our area in particular faces and select the us, which we believe are attractive. And what anyone finds attractive can be quite similar to the private face. Exactly the same principle in car fronts the way;)

I think this is in other animals like that. with us in the stable can each just to organize the associated animal. And my mother always says when my dog ​​and my horse looks that they have similar characteristics to I. And that is true.

The dog is their owners / caregiver adapt :) & some dogs to look much from and also take one or the other trait of her owner :) Dog watching permanently, even if we do not notice so that an always somehow in watching :)

haha: D

guteFrage I have already noticed. Probably the owners put their dogs on the same things as it is with itself (eg to the Hairstyle / Figure / sporting / nutrition etc.)

Will laugh, this observation I have made berets. I imagine the way that many dogs as their partners (spare?) Betrachtenund spouse resemble yes everybody knows in appearance.

Are you serious? But I'll be careful.

Why have children similarities with their parents?

Why do not the same educational measures in dogs and humans?

Dogs are intelligent ... you learn the see .. And if herrchen badly with his fellow bad deal then why should live considerately a dog?

Because many dogs adjust their owners and take over the character.

Because I say that my dog ​​has a really sweet face, my husband and I here something from out ... ;-)

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