Why do I allow no feelings?

Whenever serious between someone and me is I get panic and destroy everything! But why is that so? I would actually like to have a friend .. but I have the feeling I'm not a relationship person :(

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I suppose you are still quite young, so bekomm times do not panic, it will come. You should only times a little work on you, so find safety in you. Look at what your good points are, what you're good at and what you can do less well and find out what is really important to you in life. Pick the best and something (a hobby, a job, etc.) that gives you a good feeling, so so that you will gain self-affirmation. If you then something begin with a boy, you will calmly essential to deal with it, because you are then not of the boy depends purpose self-affirmation and so on. You are then more resistant to injury from the outside. I wish you success!

Although I am a boy, but for me it is exactly the same.

If it could be something serious then Carry I 's resignation and let it all be, I do not know why I do that.

The suffering of the friend or in my case, suffering with the wish of a friend I have also, is not that great. : b

Wait and see, soon you will find the right one. Many always tell me that when I search penetrant someone then it is certainly not. If you then no longer focused on and forget the topic, then you find someone. Have so far not been lucky - nagut, I have to say that I also only 15 am - but come on yet. :)

I wish 'you all the best for the future, love Ashleee. :)

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Probably you have to be infringed only fear ..

low self-esteem and fear of rejection / injury

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