Why do my parents cope psychologically?


So I'm 17, but will soon 18 in May.

still go to school, get into the 11th class of FOS for the third time 8 1. not done it probezeit 2 times psychological problems (borderline plus suicidal)).

Whenever I say for example some times i will start to make to america vacation, tell my parents how then, you've got to work anyway no lust.

And then they say I could have also so like my bff who earns her money.

It's my thing if I to school or not, I definitely want to at least provide the Fachabi.

That makes me mentally somehow fully finished and then I also came to scratch me back and then no more loss on all cal ... live.

I love nothing more fun and can motivate me to nothing.

Physically sick I'm still chronically since 5 years and it takes no end, what is also very bothered me because I can not make any profession characterized.

I'd like to go to distract out, but it's too cold outside and it's snowing, there is snow, windy, it's just sa .. cold outside so I can not get out, because my skin then hell is burning and I this burn can not stand, so I just sit at home and do absolutely nothing except cry, scratch, tv watch, pc and eat.

Why say it all the time?

The best answer

Heii sounds as if you now gead in despair sitting indoors. Wiso they do that I would like to present you beantqortwn but I can not. The only thing I can tell you and probably nixht grad helpful, is to talk to them. Andonsten I hope you're feeling better soon. Listen music and write with friends. Emergency you can also write to: sleep] I hope you can soon

I'm the way you, 1 year ago I have scratched me and I was always arnhöen me about my parents leave that to me before anything like it and because nothing anyway wird.Ich also do not understand why you said they do worry about my future. motivation is not that I was also terribly because my parents apparently do not trust myself am bzw.dich haben.Ich as that has been the last time just once become loud and I've locked the room, sometime tats them then leid.Und all day I do also the same as you, except the scoring I finally managed aufzugeben.Du do it! I habs almost half! ;)

So once: listen to scratch on you!

Talk to your parents. Make it clear that you even more burdened the. The only plausible explanation for the behavior of your parents Währe that try you somehow inspire.

If that does not work register at the Youth Office or similar

Your poor parents.

It's a disaster what they have brought up there. I wonder if they even give you money?

I in their place would ensure that you have no more time to think about your farts. School, learn and then a nice pocket money job.

I think your parents are mentally at the end and not know what to do!

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