Why do older men or boys much younger girls? (Age difference 10-15 years)?

Why is that ..? Had this event for the second time now ..?

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So my friend is for 9 years older than me. When we first met, I was only 16 and he 25. For both of us it was quite overcome, because we were both unsure if that would work with such an age difference. A few answers that I read here, I find it really far-fetched. From my experience I can say that men are not looking for younger, because then the "control" have or because they are simply superficial. I think many men with younger women, because younger women generally want prefer slightly older because they perceive their peers probably too immature or childish and rather want to be sure that they have a partner who is serious.

My last boyfriend was three years older than me. I think the guys in my age very childish and silly .Ältere can better protect you and you can better talk to them about serious issues :)

Weil comes from nature.

Many young girls want a older friend as older mostly "selbststädnig" and in the head and spiritually on are as "young" guys. As I eg. I am 16 and am older who are 20, because they are no longer so childlike and can date lead with them a serious relationship ^^

Many older boys / men take younger because they want to testify numerous healthier meet and younger is better than older (comes from the pysche / stone age) and because of the protective instinct ^^

Hello KloineMaus,

I give the Userin grunge44 law. Older men feel younger again. It could also be that they feel as protector of young women

MfG Angelika

Largely because young girls older men want. And sometimes it's just coincidence ... my partner is 16 years older than me, and we had initially both overcome the try :)

because men, if they have a younger woman at her side, they feel younger and much better

Well younger stay often fitter but nowadays my yes all women endurance training Slimming everything to look good .. Well otherwise I can only say some men are disgusting and look at other things

want Because the protective instinct, men control everything rather seek younger from

Vlt because young women in the eyes of older men are more sexy than older women

Aso my friend is just 7 years older than me: 'D

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