Why do you have to pay for control kamp dog more?

If the one not granted to have one kamp dog?

The best answer

"Counsel for the applicant couple, Michael Fingerhut, trying to reach first at the hearing that for dangerous dogs that have passed a character test successfully, no higher tax should be charged. If a dog had been certified after such examination that he did not is aggressive, the fighting dog should be treated for tax purposes as any other dog, argued Fingerhut.

This saw the highest German administrative judge but different. "Even an elevated dog tax for so-called attack dogs is allowed, even if a negative clearance certifying the individual harmlessness of concrete dog", led the presiding judge of the Ninth Senate, Wolfgang Beer, in support of.

Costs corresponding to "fictitious second dog"

He referred to the fact that the dog control not only serves to fill the church coffers, which can be captured by taxation purposes. The dog tax is one of the local tax burden, which may also adopt a so-called steering purpose. When tax on dangerous dogs this is "fighting dogs from the municipality push back", as Richter formulated beer.

However, in the opinion of five judges apply the restrictive condition that the control should not be set so high that it should play a "choking effect", that is in fact leads to a ban on dangerous dogs attitude. "For such a scheme the municipality lacks the legislative competence" added beer. For such a ban, the police law has jurisdiction - and not the statute for the dog tax. Attorney Fingerhut cited as an argument that at such a high tax "no" longer hold a fighting dog and give it instead to an animal shelter will -. As the couple Seidel man had done it "

http: //www.welt.de/politik/deutschland/article133323403/Hoehere-Steuer-auf-Kampf ...

The topic has been indeed as high gepuscht well in the media that at the political level so something had to be done. So there has to a hefty increase in the tax on dogs to normal. In England such dogs to be taken preferably in families with children, because they have children to patience of a saint. There are absolute Familienschmuser that must lock in the kennel in any case. We have itself as a Kampfschmuser, and in the 11 years he has never pinched a man, let alone bitten. Even when he was attacked by a dog, and has beaten you, you can separate Him to be without even bitten. Something else you can do with any other dog.

Among other reasons:

http: //www.mopo.de/news/tragoedie-an-der-schule-buddestrasse-in-wilhelmsburg--da ...

1) The municipalities can increase the dog license fee for "dangerous dogs" on its own, that brings clearly more money so made quite clever. Some of the normal dog tax is at about 70 € per year, with "dangerous dogs" more than € 600 per year. but 2) Many municipalities also intended that these dangerous breeds are displaced from the municipality. What bullshit is. There is no attack dogs. Only dangerous holders.

If the one em not granted to have a s K ampfhund?

Really, who wants to keep a dog, you want to pay more taxes. Such a dog can be a danger to other people, if he is not properly educated. This can then lead to injuries that need to be delt ground and that in turn leads to cost - which should not be borne by the community of the insured.

However, you do not begrudge the fighting dog / dog list. Taste halt if you insufficient a poodle. Or do you really think the dogs from Kamp? The pay but normal taxes.

Because even so Schleuen politicians had to respond to the painik.ache the media, they have so pounded a Stuss with list and increased control from the ground.

there are statistics that small dogs and sheepdogs much often bite as the list dogs. However, Chi or dachshund is not on the list.

vorallen ease the tax only the dogs are let into the animal Hein or kept in secret.

They are called dogs "list dogs" No dog is born a dog fight - only people make these poor animals a fighting dog. Taxes are for dogs list you can check on the community - because the are not federally.

There is no attack dogs - these dogs are called in Germany List of Pet ...

And that's bad enough - because such lists are created because unknowing liberated people have made certain dogs evil and tücksch abusing them.

And because the dog tax is local or established by the municipalities, it is often extremely high for list dogs.

For this tax levied city or municipality need bring nothing in return - is so easily ingested money.

With the high dog tax allegedly the number of existing list Dogs should be kept low.

But you begrudge any ... you have to let go just a character test with the dog ... (see my other post)

a Mercedes costs more taxes than a VW Lupo

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