why does coconut oil my hair like straw?

Hello :)

So I've recently read on the internet that coconut oil will make the hair soft suuuper. So I drove yesterday supermarket in and got me what worried. hab then (ie take anything out of the glass, making liquid between hands and auftragenn) me that after instructions smeared on the hair and leave. when I had washed it, my hair were totally strohig and even drier than voher !!

can anyone tell me if I did something wrong? or what you have to generally be aware of?

Thanks in advance!

love greetings, burrbear!

The best answer

Use the coconut oil finished grease for cooking od. Feet. Get hold of the hair care products finished from the drugstore. The act quickly and effectively. Are there specifically for extremely dry hair. The home remedies are not bad, but in total not much cheaper than a good, low-priced finished product.

So when my hair are your coconut oil then soft .. is pressed raw? maybe that makes nen different .. try using to give you a bit of coconut oil to the hair wash in the acute and well einzubuersten. that makes my hair very soft and smooth. and usually my hair is like straw and look as if I would have taken in a socket. with coconut oil that does not happen;)

Normally you should not do that!

It is best to use 100% Pure Organic Coconut Oil.

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