Why does he now wants to once again?


recently had something like "friendship plus", but somehow got never to have sex. Well, I was in time so in love with him, I had to finish it, but he does not know I'm in love with him. but then I wanted right back to him. But he no longer wanted. Then after 'its time he came again. And then when he has read, what I had with a guy he no longer wanted at once. I was so frustrated that I needed another, to not think about it must, was ne stupid action. Well, then he said that we remain common friends, and we have not as often written. Then I was just yesterday with friends outdoors and all his "transition" was just too, but not with us. He saw me, but he has not spoken to me. Well, then I came home and he wrote to me that he wants me back, I asked him whether that be would seriously and why he so arrives now and he said "the only way". I wanted to stay strong, but I was weak. What do you all mean? Why does he now wants to once again? I mean, he has enough wives with whom he can do that too.

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I find something goes garned

Who cares?

deviant behavior from both sides

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