Why does it say that kangaroos boxing?

Hi, I want at school to give a talk about animals in Australia and now I'm interested in, so the myth has arisen that kangaroos can boxes. thank you

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are you looking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wo3gSjpUI8U

Because the struggles of male animals remind boxes. And because it has attracted boxing gloves still in the last century to amuse the audience and Betting male kangaroos and she has let boxing so in a kind of ring. Fortunately, these thoughtless abuse of animals is over now.

Why myth? This is not a myth, can Kängerus boxes you check alone times videos on YouTube ..

If they stand on their tail, it looks as würd NEN boxer on the ropes and go on the defensive.

And Kängeruh's boxes nunmal, see the blows.

I think so that they run something like boxing movements ...

They do indeed no boxing as we know that among men, but fight back with their upper legs while standing.

This is not a myth, red kangaroos boxing for the females.

so ne Art Kickboxing ... but without boxing gloves.

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