Why does my dog ​​again and again?

Hi guys:)

My neighbor (the ca for 1 month Land next to me) have a big black (1m back height) dog of me was actually relatively unimportant. Already 2 times he ran after me and attacked me. Every time someone came to help me. Meanwhile, I trust myself no longer even out of the car only if it is in the garden of the neighbors. I do not trust me past the house and so I did not report anything because almost all children of the village with the dog playing with no problems and the dog wants lieben.Ich namely not be responsible for ensuring that the dog is gone.

Can you perhaps tell me I -How can defend myself without Hilde? I -As less afraid of him have? -What Am I doing wrong because I'm the only one he had not looks like? I -As to him as may pass without my being attacked?

Thank you:);*

The best answer

Without going to want to take your fears lightly how exactly does because the "attack" from? Rein it you "only" afterwards, barks, jumps in or attempting to bite seriously?

Certainly affects a large black dog on you to run threatening (where 1 m back height is not realistic, even adult Danes come "only" around 85 cm), but it would be very unusual that it is compatible with all other people and children while but so extremely aggressive responds to you.

Nevertheless, it is understandable that you get as anxiety, so the owners have to ensure that he bothered no one running behind or starts. The "just want to play, do nothing" option is no excuse.

The only sensible way to proceed is actually first time to try to talk with the owners. Often dog owners have total blinders what their own dog As (which is yet soooo loving, doing no thing), because you have to mince words spoken that can understand that you really fear that they have to respect, even if they may not be able to understand ,

Perhaps blank reasons for the behavior found and removed with little effort. Sometimes it's enough if you walk together with the owners and dog on leash a bit, so that the dog can look down on you for a while from the area (do not bother). If the owner does not, however, be of assistance and compromise the examiner has only the gear on Order Office, so that the dog is properly secured on the property.

?? 1m high are you sure that this is a dog ???? Just think that the dog your insecurity and fear felt, especially when children can play with him and otherwise nothing happens. Children have to approach the glorious gift without prejudices and fears to other living beings, the children

So do not expect an attack, but with a playful dog. You scheintst there to be more anxious, which indeed shows the description because most phobics tend their adversaries to make even bigger than he is. I did with spiders;) when I shall describe are also greater than in reality ... I do that but unconsciously, we therefore can not really control unfortunately.

When you come the next time in this situation, so she tries times to the advice from Ceasar Milan keep who speaks otherwise although really much brass, but with the first contact with the dog he is right. Do not look, do not respond, but just go on as if he were not there, pay attention to posture and make as widely as possible.

That was so my emergency tip. In the long term I can only recommend that you contact the neighbors to look and just to target a solution, which should be built in my eyes to better securing of the land of dog budget. run free in the village I find not so hot ... also does not correspond to the essence of a pack animal, far to act independently of its pack ....

Gernell applies when dealing with dogs:

- Not of fright throw your hands up, they then think you have some example for them a treat

- Not run away, then you wake the hunting instinct in them

- Stay calm animals feel it when you upset or anxious are and adapt to the situation

- If you are reflected in a crouch go the trust again take to best arms in a position such as if you want someone Embracing (V-shape)

Just ask times your neighbors if they help you go Simply drop all quiet on :)

Have not you ever talked to the neighbors? All the love of the neighbor's children will not help if the dog is not properly educated, people running behind maybe caught someone or is itself hit by a car. The owner must ensure that their dog is properly trained, or at least the land can not leave.

Whether you something "wrong" doing, is difficult to judge. In addition, is totally irrelevant, because the dog is the responsibility of its owner and must be so educated that he particularly speaks to anyone who does something wrong.

The not attacking you.

He just wants to play.

If you're running while he comes to you to greet you and wants to be petted, then wakes DU the hunting instinct of the animal. And it does not matter if he has black fur or Blond.

Your statement to 1M shoulder height it can only go so towards German mastiff. And just very very gentle giants and do not know that they minimally :-))) are small larger than a lap dog.


Talk to the owner, he is responsible for ensuring that you do not turn-ons of the dog. If that's no good, turn aside to the clerk's office. You can and should as well not go.

Hilde can not help you? ...

... And I do not believe in 1 meter back height ...

Each dog must be secured from its holder so that it bothering anyone, threaten, jump, bite and can not injure.

But precisely dog ​​owners with large black dogs are also aware of this, stirred up by media fear ...

Tips on how to behave you got already - and now raff up and ringing in the dog owner to. It's your good right to say that you are not bothered by the dog want.

The dog owner should keep his dog from you.

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