Why does my dog ​​always the urge to destroy something?

What is a desire in some dogs, constantly tearing something / bite etc? Some lay hands on shoes, and my (Cocker Spaniel) picked apart repeatedly like the rumliegenden handkerchiefs (my mother). Ugh - ugh! 'M not angry, but it is annoying and I just'd like to know why that is ...

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I tap alterskauzgkeit if they did not do that before. would your dog younger, I would have advised you to more meaningful employment, which usually make dog where it is that boring.

you but I can only guess you accept that grandma & grandma-dog just slowly go hand in hand .... and the best you take it with humor and are grateful also to be allowed this experience section.

My dog ​​destroys any toy he alone and length than 5sec dog. That's why he never gets toy alone.

My dog ​​like stealing handkerchiefs and crushed them. itches me the less, rather something as something important.

If your dog is still relatively young then that is normal. Once he is a little older he becomes calmer and omits those wild actions.

How old is the dog?

Dogs during and in the aftermath of the change of teeth a Kauzwang. You must kaun and gnaw to consolidate their dentition. With destructive penetrated that has nothing to do, something there not in dogs.

If he is already far above the dentition addition, at least one year and still chews things, you should employ better the dog.

I do not sure if this is in dogs exactly, but if hares destroy something, they want to brag or to impress females.

plucked repeatedly like the rumliegenden handkerchiefs (my mother). Ugh - ugh!

then Your mother should not leave something lying around but dispose directly.

Maybe he does, because he is still young and you do not abgewöhnst him.

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