Why does my dog ​​do this? What does it mean?

Hello everybody,

My dog ​​has a habit that he has been making it a puppy is. And when I sit on the couch and my legs on the stool had. If he comes under my legs through and scrapes while his back. He runs back and forth, always a front and back step back. Most encounters and he rubs then his head against my legs or the stool. After 1-2 minutes, he then sits down next to me on the floor. He then observed just the environment and does nothing more.

What does this mean or in dog language gestures. ??

Why does he do this ??

Thank you in advance

The best answer

Let examine times whether he might have fleas. Otherwise, I would say this is an endearing feature. Perhaps it will do him just fine, thereby to scratch themselves on the back, with the runs he would since par excellence. I have a cat that sits down on purpose in our bathroom stool so that when the window opens the window sweeps firmly over her head - what can I say? lg Lilo

Hi can some kind security for him to express so that he is going to you under the legs because it looks like a building or cave. My Little Katr makes it even now and then when I do something in a squatting position he crawls between my legs and places to go, and the same is perhaps at your dog the case. So something special, because my other Kate never did it. I think your dog is particularly affectionate and will show you the order.

scrapes while his back. He runs back and forth, always a front and back step back. Most encounters and he rubs then his head against my legs or the stool

I do not think this is just a bad habit. I would go to the vet and thorough examination of the skin. Possibly he suffers from itching mites, z. B.. Most mites are not visible because they live under the dog's skin.

Our Snow makes it also. He comes to me on the sofa, crawls under the covers and rubbing his head at me and the ceiling and you can tell right, as well he feels. He always goes to our hedge along and presses his body firmly to them. Our Smilla makes z. Ex. No. I think this is different from dog to dog. O disease. Like I'd rather not see behind. But if you have the next vet appointment, you can ask yes times.

He wants to be your Aufmersamkeit and probably cuddled.

Vllt he seeks attention? ;)

Here some more pictures

Probably just itching to be back ;-) my makes it so similar. If my feet hanging over the sofa Knew he comes and pushes and rubs off itself, usually the spine and the hip

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