Why does my macro in VBA is not as it should !?

Hi, I have a macro programmed in Excel 2010 VBA and it works FAST! Why does not it does exactly what it should do, is beyond me .... Here's the source code: http://www.codecopy.de/?action=show&q=1f8885 And to what do if someone to trigger macro the entire row in which the ActiveCell is copied and transferred to the sheet! So far this worked. If I now have a line containing a name and any other is, for example Maximilian ..... then it copies the line in the other worksheet and adds them to the next blank line. I can with this one line, is on the Maximilian, so often I want to do, he adds the line wherever he is now if I want to transfer to another line .... BUT, in the Alexander .. ..., is, then copies them even in the other sheet, but all that was there before is overwritten (except for the first targets) of the new copy !!! How can I change this, or what is the code wrong ?! It is namely not override all, but simply the new copy may also be inserted in the next blank line! Thanks for your answers in advance!

PS: That the date is not important and does!

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Hello agent888,

I program in general in a different style, and never use the property 'UsedRange' actually. Stattdesen I use the method 'SpecialCells'. And since it is so that when a row is inserted, it is determined only correct when the file was saved. So try to use 'ThisWorkbook.save' before the line 'UsedRange'.

Honestly intentioned Tip: Look at C #. You'll thank me!

VBA is my view waste

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