Why does my PC keeps crashing when I Sims 3 games?

Whenever I try to play Sims 3 crashes whole my PC. I have my PC again and restart repeatedly and annoying. My question is can you tell me why my PC always crashes? And how can I normally play Sims 3 finally back?

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That was a time also to myself. I thought this is the game, but it was my laptop's fault. As Sims for a computer is very "stressful", he has always sihc suspended and that because the fan does not function properly. My dad has the laptop then blown out with compressed air (but purely eyes at the vents with a vacuum cleaner would be enough) and then it has again worked smoothly. He has also not so hot.

Maybe your PC indeed has a virus (which I do not think now) What did you do for a PC.

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