why does smoking (tobacco) and alcohol drinking happy?

I can not have more fun without the 2 things.

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Tobacco makes you "happy (he)", as you leave the cigarette withdrawal symptoms disappear.

That is about the same as if you're happy when you are allowed from a narrow shoe out. If you had never attracted the narrow shoe, not you'd come up with the idea that the exhaustion of the narrow shoe makes you happy. Why also, nobody like to zeiht on too narrow a shoe.

Alcohol beams a just a bit off. Whether you're addicted, that I do not dare to judge. When nicotine but I will have more properly be that you are looking sick.

Yes it is both tobacco and alcohol put happiness hormones you rewarded yourself is smoking a cigarette or alcohol and this feeling then just good and you want it again and again and also most often have this feeling of happiness. Without one is in a bad mood. But really great caution because an addiction to tobacco and alcohol is there very quickly.

and the next day comes the rude awakening. Hangover from alcohol and a Miessen taste of smoke. Both are harmful, it is dependent only alcohol you velierst everything: friendships, marriage, money, house, etc., etc.

Where is happiness? Not even in the short term.

Then you are already dependent! These are addictive substances that can make just addictive. In your place I would call times to a doctor!

When smoking I understand the make happy! It takes a little time to really treat yourself was..aber at Alkohol..Es also goes without

Poor people who can have fun just by addictive drugs, it also goes without!

Because be characterized released in the brain endorphins

they do not happy that only a conceit because si emachen demonstrably ill

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