Why does the cable TV connection in a single room?

I live since September last year in a flat in Munich. My father joined me in collecting an antenna to my TV, but I would like VOX, RTL, can receive, etc, which is no longer even possible via antenna. In unsrem community room cable television is working properly and to my TV, it may not be well, I have also connected here and there it went. Why does the cable not in my room? Or. what were measures to change that? Thanks in advance :)

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abiding it should happen that such a dose (correctly) is wordne not connected. but is responsible for something like the landlord. Here, incidentally, applies the principle of appearances. ie a non funktionirende cable socket in the room is a lack, which the landlord has remedy.

So: landlord call, can make! nix selbermachen ...

lg, Anna

There has to be a distributor in the house somewhere. There, the cable connection arrives and is distributed to the cans in the different rooms. Either something is wrong in this distribution or on the can itself.

The question is: where the cable coming from?
Is it coming from the basement or from the attic?
Is it coming from the apartment below or from the shared room?
There are several types to build a cable TV system, but we do not know which system has been applied to you.

Apart from this there are often tampering with TV-doses of non-professionals. Then there may be interruptions or short circuits in the signal.

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