Why get any charging cable for my phone a loose connection?

Hey so I did that samsung galaxy s4 and there is the original white charging cable with at. That was but after a few months a loose connection. Then I got myself a new charging cable, which is not the original but it is also. But this was after a few months and a loose connection. And yes that quite annoying. But why get each charging cable for my phone a loose connection ???

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Perhaps you pull the charging cable to your mobile from brutal out or ruckelst often tuned. In addition, the charging cable can be produced very cheaply and hold never actually long, with me they always after a few months a loose connection, no matter what I do.

Maybe you've even caught a wrong? One that was not at all for Samsung? That happened to me once since I have taken for the e-book reader that charging cable 0-o and loaded packed with violence in my Samsung Galaxy s3 mini .. it has, with steady might clock, because the "male recently 'so bent was :( the original charging cable was no longer there then. So, think it out if you have sometime used an incorrect cable, if so, can you recently repaired, which is very expensive, or you buy the same a new phone "/ hope could help :)

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