Why hamilton went into the box? (formula 1)

Hello, had hamilton since the first round several seconds projection on the 2-placed and somehow 10 laps before closing comes safety car phase and he went to the box. how so? virtually all are fallen by the wayside. Now he is on space 3. Why you go 10 rounds before closing in the box? in monaco can anyway not overtake ... want to kidding me?

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Since the team thought Hamilton's lead was big enough, they took him to the pits, he would be able to immediately settle after the restart. Old tires cool during SafetycarPhase from stronger and the projection would then away anyway, but he would not lose any position. In my opinion, it was totally absurd to take the risk, because Hamilton would have certainly defended with old tires. So that one can not get over you're right, you can only to a failure of the front man hope so. Hamilton can therefore do nothing for it, and would have deserved to win. So Rosberg gets to 10 points and is now only 10 points behind. but I am sure that Hamilton will move even further ahead again because it the faster driver is easy (-: LG

The team of mercedes miscalculated and sent him into the box

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