Why he has such a bond fears?

Hello my dears,

Short info about me .. I am 24 years had before almost 4 weeks to know a 32-year-old man. We both come from a long relationship. Both went over 5 years! It is already more than 1 year single .. I just 4 months !!! However, I'm just as it is grade very happy. So to 'us' we know nu 4 weeks ... Have us in time nu seen every week .. He has slept with me .. Last time was short .. I 2 days at him !!! We see ourselves bomb .. Every evening after work we talk for hours .. have a lot of similarities vieeele. I think we liked very much ... Although he once said that he has great fear to hurt me ... Or that is done him hurt ...; o Finally, it has traditionally been the injured and the abandoned. His ex is cheated him with his colleagues. And now in a relationship with. Dog and house all gone. Velvet, the woman he loved !!! I do not know how to appreciate everything ?! After 4 weeks you can not say we are together ... But the time is more and intensiever! Morning he come here again ... weekend we go to zsm ikea..Und although we are not together, he has 'chat portals' from the deleted, with the justification that gives him a woman. When I go celebrate, I want aufpassen..auch on me because of the kerlen .. And joa .. It is strange. He says even some self protection ... How should I behave then? I do not want to harass him .. yes And certainly not eventually ask what is nu two with us !!!!

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This is the question he must ask himself but what he now so imagine in the longer term.

You can give time, I do also, and patience you need. But there should be a time window also someday. Otherwise it drags in the length to be called only at the end that it is nothing.

From my experience, I have arrived at the point that I will take back in the future. The main initiative must come from the man who has built his walls. And he is.

Four weeks are also much too short to have "be together" to speak of.

Let you time, especially you, being still a lot younger than he are.

You should also take occasional break something make u. Do not soooo often see otherwise ye have possibly "seen enough" you soon.

can only times you really know, that would be better.

After what he has experienced, I can understand his commitment phobia.

Your you knows only four weeks!

My husband spent the first three months of the day and night with me, I know his neighbors, friends and family learned he and my and then we just generally talk about the subject relationship.

So something needs time!

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