Why I gain any weight?

I am 12 years old, and only eat fast fast food and do relatively little sport, but I do not take to, is this normal?

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Perhaps you have a good metabolism, this is normal. Has a girlfriend of me :)

Exactly the same problem I'm 13 and weigh 38kg am 1,50groß and eat a whole lot! For me the problem is because I always have so much wax! Are not even bother with 15/16 you'll be glad if have any problems with the weight! And you can eat, doing sport all you want! This is quite normal that a thicker other thin! I hope I could help you Lg nelly !;)

You are still growing. perhaps is not normal but not particularly unusual.

Just wait 16 you'll probably say no more haha

Sometimes there that I have. But would think at your spot, if it is so healthy, only fast food to eat

Do this 3 more years so then you'll see that you've put on weight

Girl you are you having a good metabolism

You are 12 years and belong to bed now. Good night and sleep well. :-))

Everyone is built differently

I'm also 12 and I can eat as much as I want I do not take to bin 30kg is always different in humans

Do you therefore no head You're only 12 years old, beer times with dry fruits are the right healthy calorie bombs

You are still in full growth, wait times, in some years you are going to like a yeast dumpling and plagst you around with acne and kilos.

Why are raging even on PC rum ???

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