Why is always laterally when buying farm-eggs, the yolk?

Hi, Is Hope here are a few eggs specialists among you :-) !!!!

We buy our eggs always directly from BIO - farmers. Since we also have an own guest operating and these did so in use, we need quite a few of them. The quality of eggs is great only peeling the boiled eggs every day a challenge. The yolk is always laterally so that no matter how careful you are also peels, he falls almost every egg.

In conventional supermarket eggs not happen to us, so it can not be the result of our processing. But why is the yolk of organic eggs placed so the side?

Thanks about your answers :-)

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Hmm, we also have organic eggs and that is always different from us. Sometimes he lies laterally times centrally. If determined to storage. We let our fresh eggs first for 3 days in the box before we process it. Perhaps the yolk is made better.

Hello ... this is due to the storage. Always store eggs with the pointed side up, at least 3 days lang..Frische eggs can be, after cooking, and usually peel very bad, because good is also not deterred ..

Greeting ... spatzi321

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